Grid Talks


Date Title Meeting Location
8 September GridPP4 - Revised Plan GridPP Collaboration Board Meeting Via Teleconference
26 August Climbing Hills 25th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Ambleside, The Lake District
18 June GridPP The 15th GridPP Ovesight Committee MRC, London
30 April GridPP Vendor Day Kelvin Building, University of Glasgow
15 April and 14 May GridPP4 Proposal Prepared for the PPRP review of the GridPP4 proposal Glasgow and Rutherford Lab
14 April GridPP - Data! 24th GridPP Collaboration Meeting RHUL, London
30 March RAL Tier-1 The Tier-1 Official Openning of R89 RAL, Oxfordshire
24 March GridPP: Computing for Particle Physics in the UK NA62 Computing Meeting Via EVO
4 February GridPP4 Proposal 14th GridPP Oversight Committee MRC, London


Date Title Meeting Location
17 December GridPP Overview PPE Review Glasgow.
9 December GridPP - delivering The UK Grid for Particle Physics RCUK International Review of eScience RAL.
7 October Big Questions and Big Answers Institute of Engineering and Technology Rolls-Royce, Derby
8 September Final Steps to Data 23rd GridPP Collaboration Meeting Clare College, Cambridge
27 May Deploying a Resilient Grid for UK Paricle Physics 32nd MIPRO convention: Grids and Visualisation Opatija, Croatia
1 April Service Resilience and Disaster Planning 22nd GridPP Collaboration Meeting UCL, London


Date Title Meeting Location
15 December GridPP3 Project Status 12th GridPP Oversight Committee RIBA, London.
21 November Introduction to the Storage Review Tier-1 Storage Review RAL, Oxforshire
3 September GridPP Status The 21st GridPP Collaboration Meeting Swansea University
11 March GridPP Status The 20th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Trinity College, Dublin


Date Title Meeting Location
11 October The Credibility Gap 11th GridPP Oversight Committee Meeting MRC, London
14 September The Grid: A supercomputer in everyone's lounge? The BA Festival of Science York
29 August GridPP19 / GridPP3 19th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Ambleside, Lake District
16 July Collaboration Board GridPP CB Meeting Via Phone
4 April The Grid IOP Plenary Talk Guilford
27 March Particle Physics and the Grid Invited Seminar University of Glasgow
20 March Status of GridPP3 18th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Glasgow
8 February GridPP Status - ProjectMap 10th GridPP Oversight Committee Meeting MRC London


Date Title Meeting Location
08 November Response to the PPRP PPRP Panel Polaris House, Swindon
1 November Status of GridPP3 17th GridPP Collaboration Meeting Edinburgh
25 October Draft Response to the PPRP Collaboration Board Meeting Via Phone
21 September From Prototype to Production UK e-Science All Hands Nottingham
6 September GridPP3 The PPRP Review RIBA, London
30 June GridPP3 The 9th GridPP Oversight Committee Meeting MRC, London
27 June GridPP3 16th GridPP Collaboration QMUL, London
13 June Grids: The Hope the Hype and the Hangover? Invited Seminar, Triumf Vancouver
15 May Preliminary Project Plan for GridPP3 Collaboration Board Meeting Via Phone
22 February GridPP Status - ProjectMap 8th GridPP Oversight Committee meeting MRC, London
16 January Tier-1 Planning Version-35 Tier-1 Board meeting RAL